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If you are a taxpayer in the Colorado Springs area facing complicated tax problems, whether individual, joint (married), or business of any size, having the proper legal representation on your side is crucial to achieving the best possible tax settlement. For IRS or state tax problems of any degree, the dedicated tax attorneys of Colorado Pure Tax Resolution are prepared to deliver the results you need. Every day, our tax law professionals not only exercise the best IRS representation for our Colorado clients, but we deliver something even more important, transparency and top-notch customer service.

Now that you are facing serious tax problems, you are probably more aware of all the "1-800" tax attorney gimmicks and marketers on your TV, radio, and internet device. Our firm is here to help you drown out all the noise, and provide a unique, and customer-driven solution for your tax debt issues. Our licensed tax attorneys are experts at securing a wide range of tax resolution options, including IRS back tax forgiveness plans, tax audit help, penalty/interest abatements, wage garnishment relief, business tax settlements, international tax advising, and much more.

For all of your IRS representation or tax consulting needs in Colorado Springs, contact Colorado Pure Tax Resolution today for a free consultation, and expect nothing but the best tax attorney services in Colorado Springs. (303) 402-6909

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Maddi Benedict - Tax Attorney

Our Tax Attorneys Deliver Solutions for Colorado Springs Residents

We understand IRS problems are unique to every client, which is why our tax attorneys offer personalized tax resolution services catered to your needs

Securing Convenient IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Plans

Most tax problems we settle for our Colorado Springs clients stems around IRS back taxes, penalties, and interest. IRS back taxes come in many shapes and sizes, and many factors determine what kind of back tax forgiveness option can be secured. Our tax attorneys are experts at evaluating your tax debt problem and financial situation to determine the best course of action.

If you are a Colorado Springs taxpayer with significant back taxes and need help reducing and settling your tax delinquency, there are options you can pursue without having to sacrifice your hard-earned assets. Our tax attorneys can help you secure a wide range of settlement programs, including Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreements, or Currently Not Collectible determinations that will fully address your back tax debt, plus any corresponding penalties and interest.


Settling IRS Audits

If you are a Colorado Spring individual or business owner facing an IRS audit of any degree, there are many questions you need answered. Why am I being audited? What kind of consequences could arise? Do I need to pursue professional IRS audit help? Our tax attorneys are here to put your worries at ease. First and foremost, there could be any number of reasons you are being targeted for an audit. Regardless, having a licensed tax professional on your side, like our team of licensed IRS tax attorneys, is critical to properly handling and settling your audit. Our tax law professionals, along with our tax accounting experts will evaluate your tax filing, and contact the IRS immediately to gain a better understanding of the origins of your tax audit, and construct a plan to properly settle your audit for good.


Relief for IRS Collections (Stop Wage Garnishment & Levies)

In any situation where you are facing tax debt problems, your #1 fear should be the IRS targeting your assets and wages. Putting these fears at rest begins with accepting the situation you are in, and contacting our expert tax attorneys.

If you are a Colorado Springs taxpayer facing an impending wage garnishment/levy, or are currently having your wages/assets garnished, we can contact the IRS on your behalf immediately, and get the ball rolling in suspending your collections, and formulating a plan to settle your back tax debt.


Settling Business Tax Problems

When a Colorado Springs business is facing IRS problems, whether payroll, tax filing, audit issues, or collections, the stakes are much higher than dealing with an individual tax problem. Business tax attorneys, like our team of dedicated business tax experts in Colorado Springs, have the capacity to represent Colorado Springs businesses of any size to restore proper tax compliance. If you are a local business owner struggling with tax problems with your business, and need help maintaining tax compliance, contact our business tax attorneys today for a free consultation.


International Tax Advising (FBAR, FATCA, Business Tax Compliance)

In our ongoing effort to be the best tax attorney firm in Colorado Springs, we go a step above just handling domestic IRS issues. Our team is also compromised of seasoned international tax advisors, including international tax attorneys and tax accounting specialists.

If you are a Colorado Springs resident involved in offshore investing or business matters of any kind, our international tax specialists can handle all your tax resolution and consulting needs. From properly filing FBAR and FATCA for foreign investments, to setting up and maintaining tax filing for international business matters, we are your go-to resource for international tax attorney services in Colorado Springs.