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Are you a Boulder area taxpayer struggling with IRS tax debt?

Is the IRS threatening a levy or garnishment against you?

Are you a local business facing business tax problems?

For any state or IRS tax problem you are facing, Colorado Pure Tax Resolution delivers proven tax debt relief, backed by industry-leading customer service.  Dealing with crippling tax problems is hard enough, but finding a trustworthy tax relief company in Colorado that delivers on their promises can be equally as stressful. At Colorado Pure Tax Resolution, we are here to remove all uncertainties when resolving your tax problems. Our firm is comprised of experienced, and customer-friendly tax relief experts that get results for our clients.  Unfortunately, there are a plethora of tax relief companies in Colorado that dish out lofty promises and gimmicks, but we are here to provide a reliable and trustworthy alternative. When you hire Pure Tax to settle your tax problems, you are getting a team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting experts that represent your best interests to properly, and promptly settle your tax debt. No gimmicks, just results! For proven tax relief services in Colorado, contact our office today for a free consultation: (303) 402-6909.

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Tax Relief Services Catered to Colorado Taxpayers

Licensed Tax Relief Experts

Every Colorado client we help benefits from our team of licensed tax professionals. When it comes to resolving complicated tax debt problems, licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and accounting experts have the exclusive ability to achieve tax settlements in your favor. From negotiating tax settlements with the highest IRS officials, to properly filing back tax returns to restore tax compliance, our licensed tax professionals provide a unique advantage for Colorado taxpayers in need of expert tax relief.

IRS Back Tax Relief

Owe back taxes to the IRS or state of Colorado?  With the help of our back tax relief experts you can secure a convenient back tax relief plan that will reduce and settle your back taxes, while keeping your assets safe from collections.  We can exercise our tax law privileges in your favor to secure a viable back tax settlement plan that will help you regain your financial future.

Wage Garnishment & Levy Relief

One of the most important tax relief strategies we exercise for our Boulder clients is negotiating wage garnishment and collection settlements with the IRS. When you are facing a wage garnishment, levy, or any other IRS collection, time is your worst enemy. For Boulder area taxpayers looking to properly, and promptly stop wage garnishment and levies, our tax relief experts, including tax attorneys and enrolled agents go to work immediately, representing our clients best interests to suspend their collections, and implement a viable tax debt settlement plan.

Tax Prep & Back Tax Filing

Are you struggling with tax debt, penalties, and/or collections? Chances are, your tax return filing is either delinquent, or filed improperly.  In these cases, taxpayers will encounter back tax debt, tax penalties/interest, or both.  At Colorado Pure Tax, we have an in-house team of seasoned tax accountants that work every day to bring our client's delinquent tax filing back into compliance. If you are a Colorado taxpayer, individual or business, requiring tax filing or amendments for back tax returns, our firm can help bring you back into compliance and move forward with any other tax relief need you have.

Tax Penalty Relief

If you are Boulder area taxpayer facing tax penalties and interest from delinquent back taxes or tax return filing, you were probably blind-sided when you received that bill in the mail.  Tax penalties can stem from a wide range of tax filing errors, many of which go undetected. In any case you are facing a significant amount of tax penalties and interest, it's worth trying to pursue tax penalty relief with a credible tax relief firm in Boulder. Our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents may be able to secure a tax penalty relief plan that reduces, or even eliminates your tax penalties altogether.

IRS Audit Representation

If you are facing an audit of any degree, individual or business, make sure you have professional IRS audit representation on your side to prevent further damage, and get your tax filing back into compliance. At Pure Tax Resolution, our team of licensed tax relief experts represent Boulder area residents to prepare for audits, successfully navigate them, and provide sound tax consulting to prevent issues in the future.

Business Tax Relief & Consulting

Colorado Pure Tax is here to help local business owners in Boulder achieve and maintain business success! When tax problems arise for Colorado businesses, our team of business tax help experts are ready to provide a solution. From resolving tax problems like payroll issues, tax filing errors, or IRS audits, to ongoing tax management, payroll, and bookkeeping solutions, our team of business tax attorneys and accounting professionals are your go-to resource for business success in the Boulder area.

Foreign Tax Compliance & Consulting

One of the unique services we offer that many other Boulder area tax relief companies don't is professional tax consulting for offshore investing. If you are a Colorado resident involved with offshore assets (ownership, inheritances, etc), or looking to invest offshore, it's crucial to maintain foreign tax compliance to avoid hefty penalties from the US Government. Pertinent regulations like FBAR and FATCA must be complied with, and our international tax attorneys and consultants can help you plan for success.