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Licensed tax advisors and IRS negotiators providing IRS business help for Colorado businesses facing business tax problems

When trying to grow and maintain a profitable business in Boulder, business tax problems can be a crippling road block in reaching business success. Unfortunately with business tax problems, they seem to arise from mundane mistakes in payroll or tax filing, but can evolve into being very damaging for a business. If you are a Boulder area business owner experiencing business tax problems of any kind, we'd like to offer you peace of mind knowing there are solutions for IRS business help. With Pure Tax Resolution of Boulder, you have an expert team of business tax attorneys, tax advisors, and tax accounting professionals that can deliver effective business tax help for your business.

We specialize in resolving a variety of business tax complications, including payroll tax debt, tax filing errors, worker mis-classifications, IRS audits, and any other IRS business tax problem that puts your business at risk. In addition to bringing your business back into IRS and Colorado tax compliance, our team of accounting professionals can provide ongoing tax filing, bookkeeping, and payroll management solutions to help your business remain tax compliant and profitable!

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Professional Business Tax Relief & Management Solutions

Payroll Tax Debt Relief

Payroll taxes can be difficult to stay on top of, as errors in payroll tax filing can be easily made. In most situations, the person handling the payroll misses a payment, or makes a clerical error. Or, sometimes a business owner may skip a payroll tax payment on purpose because they are short on funds. Either way, payroll tax debt is a very serious matter in the eyes of the IRS, and will come after your business if you're payroll delinquent for too long. Our team of payroll tax specialists, including tax attorneys and tax accounting experts can evaluate your payroll issues, resolve any debt, and formulate a plan to maintain healthy payroll tax compliance.


IRS Tax Audit Representation

On a daily basis, the IRS issues audits against businesses they feel, have failed to file/pay their taxes properly.  Although some audits may be harmless, if the IRS suspects foul play on any business tax returns, they will target that business for an audit, which could evolve into much more serious penalties if purposeful tax evasion is found.  If you are a Colorado business facing an IRS audit of any kind, our IRS audit representation professionals, including tax attorneys, enrolled agents and tax accountants, can help you prepare for your audit, settle it, and avoid them in the future.


Resolving Tax Deduction Problems

Business tax deductions are a very important benefit for businesses, however some business owners find themselves flying too close to the sun in the eyes of the IRS when it comes to claiming expenses.  If the IRS suspects a business is deducting illegal expenses, there are serious penalties involved if not rectified. Our team of tax advisors and accountants help Boulder area business owners get the max out of their tax deductions and rectify any overstated deductions that may cause IRS problems.


Worker Classification

Many Colorado business owners may not understand the importance of properly classifying their workers (W2 or Contractor) until the IRS penalizes them.  It's true, there are regulations in the US tax code that requires businesses to properly classify their workers depending on their involvement and time commitment with the company.  To avoid issues with the IRS, our business tax advisors can help shed light on the regulations and avoid problems.


Accounting, Tax, and Payroll Solutions

While most of our work entails helping Boulder area businesses resolve IRS tax problems with their business, we also help our business clients move forward with healthy tax and accounting practices. For businesses looking to maintain profitability and avoid IRS problems, we offer tailored bookkeeping, tax filing and payroll solutions to our Colorado business clients. At Pure Tax, we are an all inclusive resource for business success!