IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions

Our team of licensed IRS tax attorneys & tax advisers help Boulder, CO taxpayers secure convenient IRS back tax settlement options

IRS back taxes are the backbone to just about any tax problem, and continue to haunt Colorado taxpayers every single day. It's not just the fact you owe back taxes to the IRS (or State), but it's the penalties, IRS collections, and other issues that are products of the proverbial "back tax snowball-effect". In a perfect world, you get a letter from the IRS (CP14) notifying you of your outstanding tax debt, and you simply cut a check to the IRS and the issue is solved. Unfortunately in the real word, many taxpayers are blind-sided by their back tax bill, and have no way to pay off the balance without professional back tax help.

For local taxpayers in Boulder and all surrounding areas struggling with IRS back taxes, let Colorado Pure Tax Resolution help you find the back tax relief you need.  Our team of IRS tax attorneys and enrolled agents are expert IRS negotiators, and can secure any number of convenient and affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plans that will put you on track for relief. Through programs like Offer in Compromise, Currently not Collectible, etc, you will not only have a legitimate solution to pay off your tax debt, but also the immunity from wage garnishments and levies. Give us a call today to get the IRS back relief you need in Boulder, CO.

IRS back tax forgiveness Boulder Colorado

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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Plans for Boulder Taxpayers

We can find a convenient IRS back tax relief plan tailored to your needs, and help you maintain tax compliance moving forward

IRS Installment Plans

The IRS grants monthly payment plans to taxpayers with delinquent taxes, but only with the proper representation by a licensed tax professional.  Our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents at Pure Tax Resolution are expert IRS negotiators, and know how to secure affordable payment plans for our Colorado clients.


Offer In Compromise (OIC) Plans

An Offer in Compromise plan is a very attractive program for taxpayers with a significant amount of back tax debt, as the IRS in certain cases will agree to accept a reduced amount in order to satisfy the debt. In order to qualify for an OIC, you must prove to the IRS that most of your income is used to cover your basic living expenses, plus other conditions that must abide to. Before you can qualify for an OIC, you must have a licensed IRS negotiator, i.e. a tax attorney or enrolled agent prepare the documentation and pursue the plan with the IRS.


Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Determination

In special cases where a taxpayer with back taxes is also experiencing significant financial hardship, the IRS may grant a CNC determination, where the back tax debt is suspended indefinitely. In order to qualify for this program you must satisfy very specific conditions with the assistance of a licensed tax attorney. Our team of licensed IRS negotiators can help determine if you qualify, and take the steps needed to initiate the application.