IRS Penalty Abatement for Boulder, CO Taxpayers

Licensed tax professionals helping Boulder area taxpayers reduce and settle IRS back tax penalties and interest

One of our more important services we provide that somewhat flies under the radar is our ability to reduce and eliminate tax penalties and interest for our Colorado clients.  IRS back tax debt usually gets all the attention, but often it's the accruing tax penalties and interest that can be just as damaging as the tax debt itself. Just like with resolving IRS back taxes, there are options for tax penalty relief (abatement), only achievable with the assistance of a licensed tax attorney that specializes in IRS negotiations.

At Pure Tax Resolution, we want Boulder taxpayers with crippling tax penalties to know there are viable options to reduce and settle tax penalties.  In order to do so, you must be willing to take action and meet certain conditions to qualify for a desirable tax penalty abatement. With our help, we can initiate the process and help you qualify for the best possible settlement, and show you how to avoid tax problems in the future. If you are a taxpayer of Boulder County, individual or business owner fed up with your mounting tax penalties, we are available for a free consultation to find a tax penalty abatement option for you.

IRS penalty abatement Boulder, Colorado

Jonathan May - Enrolled Agent