Non-Profit Formation Services

Helping Boulder area residents achieve 501C3 status for their non-profit vision

For local residents of Boulder or any other surrounding area looking for help with forming, or maintaining a non-profit organization, Pure Tax Resolution and our team of non-profit tax specialists are here to help you achieve your vision.  Our specialty is helping folks to successfully form a non-profit entity by steering them through every step of IRS and State regulations.  From the start, we will work with you to evaluate your goals, and provide a step-by-step process to get you on the right path to 501C3 status!

It starts with a vision, but many people don't know how to take it from there. With Pure Tax Resolution, you will have a licensed non-profit tax attorney to help you every step of the way.  You may need some basic non-profit tax consulting to steer you in the right direction, or you might need all your documents prepared and filed for you, and we are here to help you form your non-profit vision properly, and in a timely manner.

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Andrew Linke - Non Profit Tax Specialist

Helping Boulder-area residents form a non-profit and maintain 501C3 status

How to Start a Non Profit

First step in forming a non-profit organization is identifying if your cause qualifies for a 501C3 tax status.  To be eligible, your organization/corporation must serve as a benefit for a charity, group of people, or acting members of your organization.  Typically, non-profits are established as organizations that operate as a public service, to make a positive impact for a community or group of people.  If you are not sure on the nature of your non-profit organization or if it qualifies, give us a call and we'll consult with you to bring clarity to the situation.

Once you are comfortable with the mission of your non-profit and ready to pursue tax exempt status, there a variety of documents that need to be prepared and filed by a representative that understands non-profit eligibility at the Federal, and State of Colorado level.  

Our team of licensed non-profit tax attorneys and accounting professionals help Boulder area residents with preparing and filing any corresponding applications and documents:

  • Obtaining EIN Number
  • Preparing and Filing Articles of Incorporation
  • Form 1023 Preparation and Filing
  • Colorado Tax Exempt Status Filing
  • Policies, Disclaimers, and all Legal Contracts
  • Foreign Entity Registration
  • DBA Registration
  • Preparation of Financials and Budget Forecasts
  • Plus any other Non-Profit Tax Exempt Status Paperwork


We can provide affordable, all-inclusive packages for 501C3 filing, or individual (a-la-carte) services depending on your needs. For a free consultation on forming a non-profit organization in Colorado, call Pure Tax Resolution today at (303) 402-6909.


Non-Profit Accounting and Bookkeeping

Once your application for 501C3 status is approved, you will be required to maintain certain tax filing and bookkeeping standards in order to preserve your tax exempt status. Many every-day accountants don't possess the knowledge or experience in the arena of non-profit tax accounting. Don't trust your non-profit tax exempt status to an amateur, the non-profit tax accounting experts of Pure Tax Resolution are at your service.

We have helped hundreds of non-profit organizations in Colorado and all across the country maintain healthy tax compliance, and remove any stress or headaches that can arise from maintaining 501C3 tax status:

  • State and IRS Tax Filing
  • Rectify any Misfiled or Late Tax Returns
  • Bookkeeping Programs
  • Legal Representation
  • Financials and Cash Flow Statements
  • Check Preparation
  • Form 990 Preparation and Filing
  • Payroll Management Programs
  • Annual Reports
  • Cost Analysis and Budget Forecast Reports
  • Plus any other Non-Profit Tax Accounting or Bookkeeping need!