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Our team of licensed IRS negotiators deliver the best tax attorney help in the Boulder area

For Colorado taxpayers in need of professional IRS negotiations, individual (family) or business owners alike, we are proud to offer the best tax attorney help in the Boulder area.  What sets our firm apart from the other local tax attorneys in Boulder is our daily commitment to customer service, transparency, and results.  Our dedicated team of IRS tax attorneys are direct employees of Pure Tax Resolution, and are the foundation of every tax resolution case we handle. Our customer-friendly legal team of IRS negotiators put our clients first every day, exercising their exclusive IRS negotiation privileges and expert knowledge of the US tax codes in favor of our Colorado clients.  

At Pure Tax Resolution, our seasoned tax attorneys are able to handle all facets of tax problems, domestic and international alike. If you are a taxpayer in any local area (Boulder, Longmont, Denver), whether individual, business, or offshore investor, we are prepared to provide the tax attorney help you need. Whether it's reducing and eliminating IRS back taxes and penalties, avoiding/stopping wage garnishments, settling business tax problems, or helping offshore investors achieve FBAR and FATCA compliance, we are your full-service tax attorney resource in the Boulder area. Contact our office today to get the Pure Tax attorney advantage!

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How Our IRS Tax Attorneys Can Help You

Through expert IRS negotiations and exercising the tax laws in your favor, our team of licensed tax attorneys can provide relief for any variety of tax debt problem

Resolving IRS Back Taxes & Penalties

Why hire a tax attorney for expert IRS negotiations? It's the exclusive communication skills they provide that your every day CPA or Accountant lack. Every day, our team of licensed tax attorneys represent Colorado taxpayers with the IRS' highest officials to secure convenient back tax relief and tax penalty abatement programs.


Preparation and Settlements of IRS Audits

Audits are a serious matter, and can be a very slippery slope for individuals and businesses who don't seek professional IRS audit help from a licensed tax attorney.  At Pure Tax Resolution, our team of local tax attorneys help Colorado individuals and businesses gather all necessary documentation and prepare for any impending audit, represent them with the IRS, and consult with our clients to instill the proper measures to avoid them moving forward.


Stopping & Preventing IRS Collections

The worst case scenario of any tax problem is the IRS stepping in and seizing your paycheck, assets, or even your business.  This happens every day, and it's a result of taxpayers with outstanding tax debt not taking action when the IRS threatens a garnishment or levy.  For the proactive, sensible folks facing a collection that want to protect their assets and settle their tax debt, they are consulting with a professional tax attorney firm that can stop wage garnishment and other collections immediately.  At Pure Tax Resolution, our tax lawyers work with Colorado taxpayers to protect their hard earned assets, resolve their back taxes, and avoid collection problems in the future.


Tax Attorneys for Business Tax Problems

When a business faces serious tax problems, they impact more than just the business owner, but the employees and their families that rely on that business. Most business tax problems in Boulder require the assistance of licensed business tax attorney, professionals that have the ability to negotiate with the IRS and exercise the tax codes in the favor of business owners. If you are a business owner in Boulder or any surrounding area facing business tax problems, you should rely on the expertise of a licensed tax law professional to get your tax problems erased.


International Tax Law (FBAR and FATCA Compliance)

Today, the legal implications surrounding offshore investments comes with higher stakes, and it's the investor who faces extreme consequences if the regulations aren't complied with. For Boulder and Colorado residents involved with foreign investments or any international business matters, having a licensed international tax attorney on your side is vital to maintaining compliance and avoiding serious penalties imposed by the Government.  At Pure Tax Resolution, our team of international tax lawyers provide expert tax consulting for FBAR and FATCA compliance, and any other international tax filing need.