IRS Tax Audit Representation

Expert tax audit defense for Boulder area individuals and businesses looking to properly settle IRS audits

The IRS auditing system is a widespread "watch-dog" program that identifies any tax filing issues for individuals and businesses across the U.S. and takes measures to penalize those who purposefully misrepresent their taxes.  In most cases, audits are issued as random selection, similar to TSA security at an airport, where they randomly select taxpayers to provide support and documentation to backup their tax returns.  In more severe cases, the IRS identifies tax filing errors they deem as serious or purposeful, and can exercise more extreme and intrusive audit measures. In any scenario you are facing a tax audit, individual or business tax filings, it's in your favor to pursue professional tax audit help to ensure the audit is settled properly.

Pure Tax Resolution of Boulder, CO and our team of licensed tax professionals, including tax attorneys and enrolled agents, provide a 360 degree approach to resolving IRS tax audits.  Through IRS communications, planning, and tax filing preparations, we help taxpayers of Boulder and all surrounding areas take on their audit issues head on, settle them, and implement the measures needed to avoid them.  Don't let a few mistakes on your tax filing sacrifice your family's, or your businesses financial future, Pure Tax Resolution is ready to provide you with the tax audit help you need. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

IRS tax audit help Boulder Colorado

Andrew Linke - Senior Tax Attorney