Colorado Tax Resolution Specialists

Certified tax resolution specialists in Boulder, Colorado providing expert IRS negotiation services for local taxpayers

Colorado Pure Tax Resolution and our team of experienced tax resolution specialists strive every day to deliver the best tax resolution in the Boulder area.  We do that by providing peace of mind for Colorado residents, so they, and their families, are getting a dedicated team of tax advisors and IRS tax negotiators that put their needs first, not outsourcing their tax case to the highest bidder. Our firm is unique, in that we offer a combination of proven results and transparency, traits you should expect from any Colorado tax resolution company you hire.

If you are an individual filer, or married (joint) filer in Colorado facing crippling tax problems, we invite you to contact us today so we can tailor a tax resolution plan for your needs. Whether your tax debt problems are new, or have been lingering for a while, there are viable tax relief services available through our firm.  Our team consists of ABA licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accountants that specialize in IRS negotiations, and will rectify any back tax filing issues and settle your IRS back taxes for good.  Our services cover a wide range of tax complications, domestic and international, so we invite you to browse our site or contact us right now to learn more about your options for tax debt resolution!

Colorado tax resolution specialists in Boulder, CO

Maddi Benedict - Tax Attorney

Professional IRS Tax Negotiators Delivering Results for Colorado Taxpayers

Licensed IRS Tax Attorneys

Every Boulder or Colorado client we serve has the attention of our team of licensed tax attorneys. Tax attorneys, in general, are unique from CPAs or Accountants, in that they have the exclusive privileges to represent clients with the highest IRS officials, allowing them to negotiate and secure the most ideal tax settlements. At Colorado Pure Tax Resolution, our licensed tax law team take it a step further. Our tax attorneys not only represent the best interests of our Colorado clients with IRS negotiations, but deliver superior customer service, communication, and transparency, benefits that are unique when it comes to Colorado tax resolution companies. As in-house employees of Pure Tax, our tax attorneys handle every aspect of your tax settlement case and never outsource your work to the highest bidder, a practice that continues to plague our industry to this day. 

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

If you are a taxpayer in Boulder or any Colorado community wondering how to pay back taxes, there are realistic and affordable options for IRS back tax forgiveness. With the help of our licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, tax advisors, and accountants, you can qualify for a convenient back tax forgiveness and settlement plan granted by the IRS. Programs like installment plans and Offer in Compromise are popular options that can settle your back tax debt and keep your assets safe from collections. However, to qualify for any of these attractive settlement options, you must have the assistance of a licensed IRS negotiator like our tax attorneys and enrolled agents. Every day, our team of licensed tax negotiators and advisors help Boulder area taxpayers, and beyond, secure convenient back tax relief programs, and can do the same for you.

Tax Preparation and Filing

In any tax resolution case we handle, a huge piece of the puzzle is rectifying misfiled, or unfiled past tax returns for our Colorado clients. If you are a local taxpayer facing tax debt problems, chances are your tax return filing is delinquent or non-compliant. Our team of Colorado tax accountants and tax advisors can correct and file any back tax returns during the tax resolution process, which is a vital task required before the IRS considers granting any IRS back tax forgiveness plan.

Stop Wage Garnishments & IRS Collections

As tax debt prolongs, the risk of the IRS issuing a collection gets greater and greater. When you are facing a wage garnishment or levy, it's because you have let your tax debt spiral out of control without taking action to settle it, and now the IRS has the power to compromise your assets or wages without hardly any legal restrictions stopping them. The good news is that our team of licensed wage garnishment attorneys have the ability to stop wage garnishment and other collections for Boulder area taxpayers facing an IRS collection. However, it's up to the taxpayer to take action and contact us immediately.

Tax Penalty Abatement

Tax penalties and interest are designed to encourage back tax victims to pay their tax debt in a timely manner, as they will continue to accrue as time goes on. The problem is, you must have a legit tax relief plan in place before tax penalties and interest are suspended, which may leave Boulder area taxpayers in a bind. At Pure Tax Resolution, we can help you secure a convenient back tax settlement plan through the IRS, and also pursue a tax penalty abatement option that can reduce or even eliminate your tax penalties altogether. 

Tax Audit Representation

When facing an IRS audit, serious or not, it's important to be thorough in your preparation and cover all details, as any false steps or miscalculations can be damaging. To properly settle your audit and avoid further problems, our team of licensed tax attorneys. accountants, and tax advisors can represent you to properly prepare for, and settle your audit. Having a professional eye on your audit can prove to be the difference between settling an audit, or facing serious consequences from the IRS.

International Tax Services (FATCA & FBAR Compliance)

Our tax resolution specialties stretch beyond domestic tax matters for Boulder CO residents. We have a team of licensed international tax attorneys and advisors who specialize in international tax help for Boulder area residents with offshore investments properly file for FATCA and FBAR, keeping their international investments safe and in compliance.